WAR, What Then?

I attended a national conference on 'free software' movement today. It was followed by a photo exhibition showcasing the histories of War, genocides and the countless politically unstable places of the world. It was a very humble exhibition organized by a small group of students, but the pictures spoke volume.


Salad Days

So this was the best part of the day. Damn! I'm miss this already. 


Too Lazy To Walk

That's my two roommates indulging in some existential discussion outside, on the steps of a restaurant.
We just had a heavy lunch and was too lazy to walk.


Devil's Playground

Here the Devil does dwell.



It was a mighty fine day. Me and my friends celebrated Holi today, in a very low profile. Let's say we celebrated in the evening. The college didn't give any holidays so we had no other option. But right now we are all happy, face covered in colors.

It's going to be morning soon. The light touches my face exactly at 7:09 am.