Over Easy or Sunny Side Up?

Just found some old pictures of me with some eggs. Dammy, some days I'm just plain useless.

"The radio signal was scrambled, and so were my eggs."

Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title


Empty Dreams

A cold day. The Orange queen has retired, save for a few streaks of light still flirting with the clouds. Light traffic outside - sitting by the fire playing some strings, and not doing a very good job. Brrr...it's cold.

Empty Dreams from Benjamin Karam on Vimeo.


Sic Transit Gloria ...

... breakaway.

"God's angels are ravishing and fooling me. I saw a whore and an old man in a lunchcart, 
and God - their faces! I wondered what God was up to."

— Jack Kerouac



Stuck in the middle of existence.
Eaten by void, surrounded by emptiness.
Blackness upon blackness upon blackness.



Nothing like running into old flames on the bookshelves.

I see my light come shinning
From the west unto the east 
Any day now, any day now
I shall be released

Bob Dylan, I Shall Be Released


A Thirsty Heart

"I cried for madder music and 
 for stronger wine"
                  —  Ernest Dowson

It's that time of the year again. Two weeks into the new year and nothing has changed. How I got myself into this predicament, I'll never know. What has been going over in my mind does not make much sense either. I have been thinking, lately. I have been thinking random thoughts. It's that time of the year again. Winter. The tendons frigid around my bones. I have been screaming out in hysterical pain. 

Depressed, hopeless, helpless ... restless. Heart-burned ... stuck in this eternal melancholy disposition, pining for 'madder music' and 'stronger wine'. Volatile feelings, evaporating slowly into thin air. 

And, out of nowhere, you show up with the drops of the night on your hair, and slow - you burn into my soul with whispers in my ears - "We'll do what lovers do. You don't have to say you love me. All the clowns have gone to bed. We are legends."



There is just no romance
sitting inside a motionless car.
Let's do something.


Went Down To The Paradise City

This was last month. I'm already nostalgic. Shit.


A Moment

Sshhh, calm down now, my heart. 


A Moment of Beauty

On 31st December  2012, sometime after dinner, I had a very interesting, and amusing little conversation with my mother. Wait a minute, I don't think that it is wise to call it a conversation; let's just call it ‒ 'exchange of statements' for the moment. It is humourous and overdosed. Its a 'mock-epic', and I just couldn't stop myself from sharing it here, even though it is really personal. Please keep in mind that the following statements were exchanged in good spirit with holiday smiles.


            Me     :  Mother, my heart is broken. 
      Mother :  Son, mine broke a long time ago. 

Happy New Year Folks!!