28 Days

The day is almost over, February is almost gone. In a few minutes it will be March and before we know, the year will be over, just like that (click). It will just slip by slowly, silently. 

28, was the number of days this month, the shortest in the year. I disagree, for me this was probably the slowest, longest month of my life. Hearts were broken, dreams shattered - 28 days.

28 days.


Empty Spaces

Back where I must be - empty spaces.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot?
The world forgetting,
by the world forgot.
Eternal Sunshine
of the spotless mind.
Each prayer accepted
and each wish resigned

- Alexander Pope


2000 Miles Away

Strange times we live in huh? I woke up this morning at five, I was home, I was in my bed. I tried to remember what happened last night. Ah right, the wind was cold, it was dark and the stars were out and I was walking back home listening to Jack Johnson's 'Constellation'. My Dad was on my right and Mom, on my left. We just had dinner at a friend's place a few blocks away and were on our way back home.

It is but a memory now. I'm here more than two thousand miles away from home again. Tomorrow I will be back in college, back in hostel. I'm spending the night at my cousins apartment. He picked me up at the airport tonight. It's always good to see someone I know waiting for me at the airport wherever I go. It's late and I'm tired. I miss home already. Maybe a rainbow in the morning will set things straight.



Who Cares

8:31 pm. The 8th of February, 2010. I am starting to loose myself in a nostalgic haze as the candles burn out one by one. Five more days to go, no more, no less, that's the danger. I want to stay here and watch over them, so that I know they are safe, really safe. I'm going to miss them when I'm gone. What fresh hell is this?
Classes must have started today.
Who cares? Who Cares?