Noodles Vs. Soup

I just had the worst noodles in my life - the soup was good though.



One more glass please.


BOW (Street Art)

This is our answer to the capitalist regime and all those crazy corporate megalomaniacs.
Don't even ask me what it means. 

(By the way, it's not piss. Its just leftover soda!)


Turning 19

Here I am again with you in my arms.

Happy Birthday to you Anne. I'm officially 19 now.

P.S. My friends just got me some surprises. I'm flattered.

- Benzy


In Search Of King Kong

What fresh Hell is this?

I just came across what looks like a thousand confiscated bottles of illegal substance at a highway custom check point. The dark bottles looked like chloroform. Maybe they were trying to hunt down King Kong!