Classroom Blues

Days are starting to blur together. Going to class everyday, sitting there for eight hours, soaking up the wisdom and not understanding a thing. I sit there and look around, I see those same old faces; some I like and some I don't, but most of the time I mask myself with a smile just to get through the day. Life can teach you a lot of things.

Most of the days lectures are too boring and so I taught myself to sleep with my eyes open. Sometimes I would just stare at the corner of the room and get lost in it. I start seeing perception, the continuity to the next room. Sometimes everything becomes silent and all I hear is the creaking sound of the fan slowly spinning or the sound of the tip of my pen scribbling on the crisp paper. Sometimes all I hear are my own thoughts, the sounds of the universe playing tricks on me.

Then I would slowly close my eyes and see darkness, a moment away from the real world, a true bliss. Sometimes it is all that I care.


fatally born said...


sounds like
thing to
do, the sitting
getting lost
in something.

i do it
all the

note to you: write more, yeah?!

Benjamin Karam said...

Really. You like my writings?
I'm into photo-blogging now-a-days but I guess I should go back to writing. ha ha

And hey! one more thing, I've been listening to some 'Lykke Li' lately after seeing her constantly on your blog. She's good.

fatally born said...

don't worry
i like
your photos
just as

it'd be
cool though
if you wrote
some more
of that
mind instead of
show what
it sees.


she's good-- great, i love her so much~!

fatally born said...

*showing (sorry, tired again..)

Benjamin Karam said...

I'll work on some post as soon as I get some free time. Maybe in December.