A Thirsty Heart

"I cried for madder music and 
 for stronger wine"
                  —  Ernest Dowson

It's that time of the year again. Two weeks into the new year and nothing has changed. How I got myself into this predicament, I'll never know. What has been going over in my mind does not make much sense either. I have been thinking, lately. I have been thinking random thoughts. It's that time of the year again. Winter. The tendons frigid around my bones. I have been screaming out in hysterical pain. 

Depressed, hopeless, helpless ... restless. Heart-burned ... stuck in this eternal melancholy disposition, pining for 'madder music' and 'stronger wine'. Volatile feelings, evaporating slowly into thin air. 

And, out of nowhere, you show up with the drops of the night on your hair, and slow - you burn into my soul with whispers in my ears - "We'll do what lovers do. You don't have to say you love me. All the clowns have gone to bed. We are legends."


Alexandra said...

That last paragraph is excellent. The four last lines burn into my soul.

Benjamin said...

Ah, thank you. It's an incomplete piece, I think. I like it this way. I like this 'in medias res' style of ending. I just love ambiguous endings. It is interesting to ponder over questions like: "Does the hero of this story oblige?" or "Do they just sit there in silence, staring at each other in the darkness?"

The story never ends...

Alexandra said...

Ambiguous endings are suitable for stories that are ongoing, and I presume this one hasn't ended, yet. Obviously. It's like life, I think. As long as it's ongoing, it's incomplete.

Benjamin said...

Indeed, you are right - it's like life.