Maison de Van Gogh : A Sketch

The small cafe in North West of Paris where Vincent van Gogh spent his last final months & where he died.


Sister Death, You Dance Well.

I waltzed with death for the third time last month. A third encounter seems too much for a single lifetime but the fact that I am here today proves something. I know all her moves now, but oh she's a tricky one. 

I have been reading an unhealthy dose of poetry lately... just anything to keep my mind off sickness. I took up my pencil after a long, long time and made a few sketches. Sometimes drawing is the only thing that prevents me from going mad. 

This is my humble tribute to the master artist Vincent van Gogh.

"I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, 
and I will go on with my drawing."

— Vincent Van Gogh


Autumn Haiku #2

Arms folded
leaning on her rusty window sill
she dazzled the moon.

Autumn Haiku #1

Autumn moon
seeping through my window
Oh! I’ve got mildew in my bones.

Blackmoon Haiku

Look out!
A black moon rises
& them bats go blind all over again.

Satanic Haiku

Lucifer in a three piece suit —
he wants to go down
with a showdown. 

Miss Font*

And here I sit
Slowly codified into pieces.

I see you
And my tongue goes epileptic.

* with apology to Mr. Roberto Bolano

Sunday Morning

This is a favorite among favorites. Completed about three years ago.

I Beseech You


Hey Look! Dinner Is Served.

Ok, don't judge. It was fulfilling. The best thing about being single is that when you're hungry (and lazy), and it is half past midnight, dinner is always just three minutes away. Now, this may look like a promotional advertisement for Heinz, but it is not. No, sir. I'm not trying to pull an Andy Warhol here. But be that as it may, this baby saved my life last night and it deserves a praise and place on my blog. And yeah, the egg was my idea.