And in the darkness of the summer night
they played their little game.
Keep eating, a voice moaned. 


A couple — madly in love,
watching the roads disappear in the rear-view mirror.


Little by little
our bodies tattooed the room
with heavy scents. 


An Existential Dream

Laughter running wild in abandoned haciendas
strangers exposing their private dreams
the double echo penetrating their flesh
a pause and then silence
a moment
- movements
the future arrives
two souls trapped in a game of endless waiting
kill themselves with the sound of the dying rupture

The windows open
the laughter escapes.

Venus In Furs

"I have always wanted to know a real dreamer some time - for the sake
of the change - and you seem one of the maddest of the tribe."

— Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, Venus In Furs


And then, she said,
Lacerate my skin, drink my blood, and devour my flesh.
Blind my eyes too and  love me immaculate.


The Roaring Twenties To The Fabulous Fifities

I just got a bunch of posters printed out about a week back. All that remains to be done now is to frame them and hang them. I'm turning my living room into cinema Zen space. 


After The Rain

"And rain will fall on our eaves."

— Jack Kerouac


Kamasutra And A Little Horror

I started out early; took the morning train, which to my surprise was filled with Sunday church goers, and arrived at Old Delhi station some fifteen minutes later. Train rides are interesting : it's all uncomfortable silence and cold stares. After four flights of escalators and a quick stop at the help desk I stepped outside, waited for a ride. As usual the taxi driver tried to pull a fast one on me in vain. They still think I'm a foreigner. When will they learn? Ten minutes later I was maneuvering myself through the byzantine alleys of Old Delhi following the scent of old books and forgotten dreams. 

I finally picked up a copy of Kamasutra. And just to kill the time, two Stephen King novels. A very good friend of mine has been urging me to read Stephen King, and I guess luck was on my side because I found these two orphans at a secondhand book stall at Daryaganj and decided to adopt them as well. 



"You have corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood"
— Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus In Furs