Blue Mary

I confess, I bought this book specifically for the cover (Kristin Perers). Just look at it, the composition is brilliant. I have read the book but somehow it failed to move me. There are however parts of it that I like. I won't be reading it again anytime soon; maybe never. But I will, however, be taking this book on and off the book shelf to stare at the cover from time to time.

Desolate Visions

The 27th State

I picked up twenty seven books from several used book stores about two weeks ago. It is an elective collection which includes a variety of genres ranging from pulp to trashy to historical fiction and even a few critical studies. There is also among them a little french novella titled 'Les petits enfants du siecle' by Christine Rochefort. I don't know why I even bought it; I don't even read french. Maybe it's because I liked the vertical notes and phrase translations done with pencil and black ball point pens by the previous owner of the book that I found while filliping through the book at the store. Perhaps that was the clincher. Old markings are always outrageously romantic. At least for me they are.

Well, here they are - my newly adopteds. It looks like an interesting year for me ahead.

Wish you all a great summer.


Spring 2014

I wish you all a wonderful Spring. Read more books, drink more tea & never miss out any concert.

A Duet With The Red Stones

The Red Fort from the other side of the busy Sunday road.

Mother. Pups.

Broken Reflections

La vraie vie est absente.

— Arthur Rimbaud

Three Stories

1. Taken on the 10th of December, 2013, a fogless night.
2. Taken sometime in February, 2014, outside an art exhibition.
3. I forget. It was a warm afternoon.

An Oasis Of Horror

An oasis of horror
In a desert of boredom!

— Charles Baudelaire


Exhibition: Red, Green, Black & White

A group of young budding artists got together and organized a two day open exhibition just outside the college cafeteria about two weeks ago. The displayed art works ranged from interesting to impressive. Some  were simply loud and beautiful. Here are some pictures that I took on the second day of the exhibition.