Magnolia Summer Dreams

Touch my anger
Set me free
I too want to dream -
Magnolia summer dreams.



“I'm no angel, but I've spread my wings a bit.”

— Mae West (1893-1980)


The Seasons Are Changing Again

Greys slowly disappearing into colors.


Morning Code

Ah Technorati, you almost spoilt my morning coffee. But hey! I just got a new mug and the espresso smells darn good.


Say Hello to Lionel

Good morning/evening folks.

It's been almost three years now since I first started blogging. And all these times I've been sticking to 5 posts a month (no exceptions), but I have to change that now. I have so many things that I want to share with you all and if I don't, I'd probably die.

So here it is, my first 6th post. Let's go back in time a bit, back to Art.

 This is a drawing of Lionel Richie that I did back in 2006. Although I'm a fan of Richie I've never listened to his music extensively, but the music video for his song, 'Hello', showing a blind pottery student, Laura making a perfect clay model of his head is one of my all time favorites.



Caught the moon flirting with the clouds last night -
'Ah Cynthia, you look beautiful' was all I ever said.



I haven't done this before, but there is a first time for everything, right? I had to share this one with you all. The following is a video I  took right before a concert and mind you, it has nothing to do with the concert. I reached the venue pretty early and was walking around taking pictures when the following caught my eye. I took a few pictures at first but it wasn't enough, I wanted to capture the moment and so took a video instead.

Later that day I was sitting around replaying the video and suddenly it struck me, it was more than a mere beautiful moment, I saw life in it, a parallel with everyone else's lives as well.  That very moment I thought - 'It's a delicate life, we are all perishable.' I'm not a professional but I've tried my best to instill the very idea in this video. I hope you all enjoy it, after all I made this for you guys.