Spreading ALOHA

The following was shared to me by a dear friend last year when I was really under the impression that I was just another cliche, that I couldn't make any significant contribution to this world of ours. Then I read this oath and realized that I could make significant contribution just by being me, just by being a little kinder.

I will Live Aloha (take twelve specific actions)
Submitted by Robbie Alm

A stands for AKAHAI, meaning kindness.
L stands for LOKAHI, meaning bring unity.
O stands for OLU'OLU, meaning politeness.
H stands for HA'AHA'A, meaning humbled.
A stands for AHONUI, meaning enduring.

Respect all elders and children.
Leave places better than you find them.
Hold the door. Hold the elevator.
Plant something.
Drive with courtesy. Never drive impaired.
Attend an event of another culture.
Return your shopping cart.
Get out and enjoy nature.
Pick up litter.
Share with your neighbors.
Create smiles.
Create a list and share it.

You don't have to be a politician, or the president of a company, or a famous doctor, to make everyone's life better. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

P.S. Please consider sharing a story, thought, picture, question or whatever is on my your mind about this commitment by adding a journal:


Celebrating One Complete Year Of 'benzy'

'benzy' just turned a year old today. The past year has been quite a ride for me. Turning twenty, changing career and settling in a new city. 'benzy' has kept my sanity intact through these hard times and I really would like to thank you guys for keeping it alive. I have a lot of great ideas to share with you on 'benzy' but for now let us take a moment and reflect back to the year behind. 

Thank you again for visiting. 


Need For Change

We wake up, fall out of bed, stand up, walk, slip, fall down again, we breathe, suck in the pain, walk again. If you ask me, this is the definition of 'living'(mind you I didn't say 'Life' because it's a whole different story).

How many times have we been in this situation? How many times have we fallen? And how many more times have we stood up? If we actually count, the numbers might be shocking to all of us, so I'm not even going to try. Gravity seems to be working on us a lot stronger these days but  we still work against it. Its a really sad thing if we think about it; working, dragging ourselves against nature all life long. And for what?

I'm still searching for the answers. I believe I've asked the right question.


Arrange, Rearrange

We got rid of the bookcase and scattered the books on the floor by the bed in a bohemian style. It looks beautiful, especially at sundown with the tangerine light coming in through the bedroom window.


Aristophanes' Lysistrata

I just finished reading 'Aristophanes's Lysistrata' as a part of my background study for 'The Rise of 19th Century Novel'. All I can say is Wow.