August Moon, Woo Me Again

There's something eeriely beautiful about an August moon. I spent the whole night sitting outside looking at the serene moon, listening to the songs of Marlene Dietrich. I even exchanged a few words with Cynthia. At least I think I did.

"It is the very error of the moon 
She comes more nearer earth than she was wont, 
And makes men mad."

— William Shakespeare, Othello



So, Mr. Sun's back in town. The last few weeks were covered in darkness and rainfall. 
I went out today and did what I do best - watching clouds! 



Morning In A Strange City

We are all just a bunch of lonely souls, searching for something worth holding on too. 
A friend. A lover.



All you do is waste my time.


''l'art pour l'art''

                                          "If she has magnetic fingers with springs
                                           & could sort out the litter of desire from
                                                 your heart,
                                           she will be a perfect mate.
                                           She will not move,
                                           & beauty is in the stillness."
                                                                          — K. Monoranjan, A Perfect Mate


Never Look Back

   Embrace the chaos.
   Dance to the rhythm,
   And follow where the music takes you.
   Fall in love.
   Never look back.
   Never hide.


The Last Of The Breed

  And when the door opened
  It only revealed an empty room.
  A public house :
  I was to understand and wait.
  Instead I left a note hanging on her door :
  “I came to die in your arms.

  — Karam Monoranjan (Lovers and Strangers, 1979)


August Moon

"August moon.
I got a boil on my thigh."

— Jack Kerouac