Went out today to soak up some more sights and sounds this city has to offer. Found quite a few interesting things around some very unusual place. This 'Bull' was on exhibition inside a shopping mall.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I'm spending my first Christmas away from home with my new friends.
I miss my family but the love around me is enough to fill the void. Change is good I guess. Sometimes.


Salt and Pepper

Skipped a few class. Had lunch outside again. That's all I ever do these days.

A Nameless Play


Fragmented thoughts - smell of ashes - I sat there on the bench looking at the crows scavenging on the chimney - I just saw your dead face - I didn't want to, but I had to help carry you - you looked...calm.


Nightmares everyday - I feel you following me ever night I pass your door - I wake up at night and see you standing near the table, harmless, calm.


Goodbye Again V

We miss you friend
Your folks came to collect your things
Even went up to see the place
Your father's knees shook

He blessed us
told us to take care - we all held him
he was crying I'm sure
but couldn't tell - those black shades hid his eyes

I haven't slept, none of us have
the whole space is quite tonight -
we are your world, mourning
I feel hollow somehow

I never knew that dinner on the 27th would be our last.


Goodbye V

How cruel this world can be
I knew you for just four months
you were given
now you are taken

your candles burned well last night

sleep well friend - rest in peace


Monochrome World

It's a monochrome world.
I rest my case.


Midnight Sun

On sunny afternoons it hurts my eye.


Levi's Square

Went out to meet some friends. Stopped by at Planet M and bought some music Cds. Took this picture from inside the store.


Dancing With Ribbons

I don't know what the dance is called but she sure looked graceful dancing with the ribbons.


This Is It

So, I went and saw 'This Is It' today with a few friends. I saw the 'Box Office' from far away. 
I saw the lights too.


Crazy Lights, Crazy Life

Crazy lights, crazy shoppers and I, the crazy photographer.


Levi's Everyday

So , I went to the Levi's store today to try on some jeans; ended up studying the pictures on the wall.


Out Till Midnight

Was out with friends soaking up the wisdom and experiences. I love this city.  
That's my roommate Jay, and me (facing front).



Got into college. This is where I live now.