I drew this one afternoon around five years ago . I was just flipping through some of Dad's old novels and this was one of the novel's cover. It struck me somehow and I decided to draw it.



This is a song by Jack Johnson entitled 'Belle'. I really like how he uses 5 different languages in this remarkably short lyrics.The following are the original lyrics as well as the translation which I believe is true to the best of my knowledge.

Oi Lienda
Bella que fa?
Bonita, bonita que tal?
But belle
Je ne comprends pas français
So you'll have to speak to me
Some other way

1: Hello, beautiful. (portuguese)
2: Beautiful, what are you doing? (italian)
3: Beautiful, beautiful, how are you? (spanish)
4: I do not understand French (french)
5: So you'll have to speak to me (english)
6: In some other way. (english)


Divine Comedy

Blake's depiction of Dante's Divine Comedy. Another masterpiece.


Keep Smiling

I couldn't go to sleep and so here I am, again. I have changed a bit lately, I'm insomniac and I can't think  positively anymore, at the moment I'm frustrated with the whole system around which my life revolves.

Ever night no mater how sleepy I am, the moment I hit the pillow my journey to my future life begins and I'd be wide awake again. Just like tonight. Future life?? With the situation I'm in right now future seems to be nothing but DOOM.

It seems like everyone's moving on except me. But no mater how frustrated I am inside, the moment I meet someone I smile, its involuntary and it bothers a lot of people because they always ask,'Why are you always smiling?' and I just smile back to their question.


I Can Change The World, With My Own Two Hands

The biggest man made catastrophe of the modern world, 'deforestation' has taken a huge toll on the environment. Statistics have revealed that by year  2030 only 10% of the the present forest will be left. The following shows the irreparable changes that has happened all over the world:

  • In Nigeria 81% of its original forest cover is now permanently lost.

  • The tropical rainforests of Brazil are less by 90-95%.

  • The forests of Central America are down by two-thirds lowlands, since 1950.

  • Countries like India, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, the Congo and Ghana have lost much more than 50% of their rainforest cover.

  • Harvesting of forest cover has left Afghanistan with a little over 25% forests throughout the country
In countries like Haiti this deforestation is having a really adverse effect on the people and the economy .

So let us all take a moment and think to ourselves what we can do to contribute to tackle this issue.
After all our arms are for hugging, and not cutting down trees.