I Can Change The World, With My Own Two Hands

The biggest man made catastrophe of the modern world, 'deforestation' has taken a huge toll on the environment. Statistics have revealed that by year  2030 only 10% of the the present forest will be left. The following shows the irreparable changes that has happened all over the world:

  • In Nigeria 81% of its original forest cover is now permanently lost.

  • The tropical rainforests of Brazil are less by 90-95%.

  • The forests of Central America are down by two-thirds lowlands, since 1950.

  • Countries like India, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, the Congo and Ghana have lost much more than 50% of their rainforest cover.

  • Harvesting of forest cover has left Afghanistan with a little over 25% forests throughout the country
In countries like Haiti this deforestation is having a really adverse effect on the people and the economy .

So let us all take a moment and think to ourselves what we can do to contribute to tackle this issue.
After all our arms are for hugging, and not cutting down trees.