Rhythmic Chaos

"But I don't want comfort. 
 I want God, I want poetry, 
 I want real danger, 
 I want freedom, 
 I want goodness. 
 I want sin."

 - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World



"Every night I cut out my heart.
 But in the morning it was full again." 
                                              - Almásy (The English Patient)

Same dream, seventh night,
Lost in the same bright light.
Thoughts scattered
Dreams shattered

Where are thy loving hands?


Prayers For The Wild at Heart

July 7th, 2012. We drove 66 miles down Highway 39, just for a lungful of fresh air. 
We got on top of the mountains, kissed our fist and touched the sky. It was good. 

"This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top."

— Lula, Wild at Heart


Alexandra, Here You Go (As Promised)

I drew this one back in the Spring of 2011. I don't have a story behind this one, I don't even have a name for her. I just sat down on my table one afternoon and started drawing, finished it the same day.

Only five people have seen this drawing so far, and they all loved her. 

Suggestions for her name are most welcome. 


Meet Trani (Excuse The Nudity)

The name Roberta lingered in my mind while I was drawing this one, but then I finally decided to call her Trani because I was listening to 'Trani' (Kings of Leon) while I was breathing life into this beautiful girl. 

I love this drawing very much and if you ask me 'why?', I really don't have an explanation for it. Maybe its her eyes, or maybe it's that depressing sense of loneliness that she is experiencing that attracts my attention. 

Alas! If only she could hear me. 

"I would love to see you smile. Someday."


Into The Big Blue Sky

The last time I travelled, I was on an eastbound flight and we flew really close to the Himalayas. Damn it! there's no point in talking about it because words are too small, too meaningless even to describe it. It was so 'majestic' even from that distance, I wonder what it would be like to stand at the foot and just gaze at it. Nepal is definitely going down on my next vacation plan. I've had a glimpse of the Himalayas and now I really want to see it 'upclose and personal'.

Time to get back in the air again. 
My days are numbered.


Flowers of Evil

I've been reading Charles Baudelaire's 'Les Fleurs du mal' every morning for the past couple of weeks. Call me profane, call me blasphemous but I actually enjoy reading 'banned' poetry. After all it's just poetry.

'Turn down to me your eyes, so blue and so full of stars!
For just one charming glance, divinely healing balm,
I'll raise the veil for you of pleasure's secret depths,
And lull you fast asleep within and endless dream!'

— Charles Baudelaire
(Flowers of Evil, Condemmed Women: Delphine and Hippolyta)


Worlds Colliding

"All of us have a place in history. Mine is clouds." 

— Richard Brautigan


Sleep, Dreams and Reveries II

She came knocking on my door
looking like a Seraph in the 7 O'clock morning light.
Caught me at my time of weakness; I let her in.
And then there was silence.