Memories From The Past II

Old staircases, broken windows always display a charm that deserves to be captured.


Memories From The Past

Finally moved into a new apartment. Gotta love this old staircase.


Crows Crows Everywhere

This one was taken by a friend of mine during a visit to his Uncle's place. Crows very usually appeared that day in large numbers and started hovering around this tree.

For what reason? We'll never know.


Progressive Square

Some moments are just perfect that all you want to do is push the trigger.


Turning 20

Summer of 2011, I just turned 20 today. I'm young, full of dreams too. I would like to thank everyone for   supporting me through this wide and difficult steps of life. I want to thank my parents and my sister for giving me a wonderful birthday party last night. I want to thank my friends who waited up till midnight to wish me. Last but not the least I would also like to wish Anne Frank a warm Happy Birthday she just turned 82 but she still is 16. She has been a source of great  inspiration to me, triggered the muse in me and has been the subject to a lot of my writings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Again...