And, you sit there silently
behind those violet curtains,
empty and timeless like the sky.


Solitary Transmission

Now the New Year reviving old Desires
The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires...

— Omar Khayyรกm, The Rubaiyat



I was going through my class notes a few days back and the number of doodles that I found on those weary pages is outstanding. I mean, they were almost on every page. Most people make doodles between notes, it seems I take down notes between doodles. 

I have posted a few of them here. Some are pretty impressive. 



"It's beautiful"

"What is?"


― Michael Haneke, Amour, 2012



And, when the empty bottle fell,
she kicked him out like one of her tired lovers
before the night was even over.


Mr. Fog's Icy Fingers

Woke up this morning at around seven, and as usual went out to the balcony to clear my thoughts. I was greeted by a major clusterfuck; I just couldn't see anything past two feet. Then, to Mr. Fog, I  said, 'Hello' and then 'Goodbye,' and went back to bed. Yes, it was a beautiful day. 



And then, she said,
This passion of mine is an irresistible flood.
Please, love my barren broken wretched heart.



Soft moans
of gypsy's lust
under the Arabian stars.