I was going through my class notes a few days back and the number of doodles that I found on those weary pages is outstanding. I mean, they were almost on every page. Most people make doodles between notes, it seems I take down notes between doodles. 

I have posted a few of them here. Some are pretty impressive. 


Alexandra said...

Love the second photo!
Your handwriting in general is beautiful.
I'm weak for beautiful handwriting.

Benjamin said...

Thank you. Thank you.

My real handwriting is italicized. I have lost track of how I developed the above handwriting. I think it was in Mathematics' class back in High School because I remember my teacher telling me "Benzy, write your numericals straight!" Hah, I sucked in maths. So now I use this handwriting in class [exclusively] because I can take down notes faster.

I wrote sections of Omar Khayyám's 'Rubaiyat' in my journal recently, in my real handwriting. I will post them here if you want to see them.

Thank you for taking an interest in my handwriting.