Back From The 90s

I'm home right now on vacation. Last week I was cleaning up my room and I found a lot of old stuffs, boxed up; letters and cards back from the 90s, old gifts, some two dozen key chains etc. Among them was this camera.

This was the first camera my parents bought me. I was about eight years old and was pretty excited when I first handled it. Evidently, it is in very good condition and I would like to thank mother for preserving it so well. I love the manual controls; especially loading, winding and unwinding film on it.


...Because My Darling, I Am A Free Spirit

"Jumped, humped, born to suffer 
made to undress in the wilderness." 

— Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971)


For The 'Man Of Steel'

For those of you who don't know me that well, I'm a hardcore tea/coffee drinker; I collect coffee mugs too! I got this one right before leaving Delhi. Its stainless steel (hell yeah!). 

I had to buy this because my other clay mugs just couldn't handle the 'espresso abuse' any longer. 

Drink Coffee. Don't Drink. Die Anyway.



Dream #169

I whispered into her left ear
She smiled
I woke up
Now, she's lost in that dream.



Here's another video that I made a couple of weeks back. 

I remember the day very well, it was one of those lazy hot summer afternoon, and I was in a crazy auto ride in Delhi and out of nowhere a gush of 'magic' wind started blowing everything out of their 'stillness'. I had my camera with me and I just had to shoot something. 

I guess the idea behind this one is "enjoying every moment, all the way". 


No Direction, No Destination

So I just got a year older yesterday. Big deal!!
I'm very much still a 90's kid at heart. That's one thing I love holding on to - the 90's nostalgia.

All I want to do right now is jump in the car with a couple of anthologies on the dashboard; drive down the road with no direction, no destination in mind.

(Happy Birthday Anne!)



Dietrich, For You I Will...

So, I'm on vacation right now, and between my hectic timetable: which includes looking after the needs of the construction workers at home, driving my mom to office and back and taking my sister for her driving lessons, I have managed to finish some new sketches. Here's one, I hope you like it. 

My pencil rendition of Alexey Kurbatov's 'Marlene Dietrich'.  

(I've posted a series of pictures just to give you guys an insight on my working process.)

I sincerely invite your comments and criticism.



Sleep, Dreams and Reveries

 And then there was silence.
 The kiss had been plucked;
 her luminous lips quivered in the dark.
 Only the smell of vapor remains.


Figure Study

This is a remake of a sketch that Charles LaSalle did back in the 1940s. 

A couple of months ago I was just sitting in my room browsing through his works on the internet and this particular incomplete 'figure study' caught my attention. There were a few sheets of paper and some pencil on the table, I quickly grabbed them and started drawing vigorously. 

This was my first attempt. It came out pretty good.


Suzanne, Are You Out There?

You better be out there.
Gypsy woman, I love you.