...Because My Darling, I Am A Free Spirit

"Jumped, humped, born to suffer 
made to undress in the wilderness." 

— Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971)


Alexandra said...

AH, lovely.

Benjamin said...

Thank You Alexandra.
I planted that tree (2nd picture)with my own hands back in 2005.
It is all grown up now. I guess we're growing old together.

Nishanlang Khonglah said...


Benjamin said...

Thanks Dude. Good to see you!
Good luck for the exams.

Alexandra said...

How great is that? I love it.
Thank you for planting such a beautiful tree.
May you live long and prosper.

Benjamin said...

Thank you Alexandra.
I may not prosper, but I'm definitely growing old 'happy'!

Liza said...

The picture of the horse is beautiful!

Benjamin said...

Ah Thank you Liza.