For The 'Man Of Steel'

For those of you who don't know me that well, I'm a hardcore tea/coffee drinker; I collect coffee mugs too! I got this one right before leaving Delhi. Its stainless steel (hell yeah!). 

I had to buy this because my other clay mugs just couldn't handle the 'espresso abuse' any longer. 

Drink Coffee. Don't Drink. Die Anyway.



awfully real words said...

you left Delhi?

Nicole Pyles said...

Being the coffee fantatic I am, I'm so loving that mug!!

Hanna said...

WHAT...I love that! So much more interesting than a ceramic mug. I love stainless steel!

Benjamin said...

...but the best part is that it keeps coffee warm for a longer period than ceramic mugs, it's got vacuum in between so there's very less heat transfer.

It's a great friend, especially when staying up, working late at night. )

Benjamin said...

Thank you Nicole.


Benjamin said...

Not for long. Heading back again in a couple of weeks.