Meet Trani (Excuse The Nudity)

The name Roberta lingered in my mind while I was drawing this one, but then I finally decided to call her Trani because I was listening to 'Trani' (Kings of Leon) while I was breathing life into this beautiful girl. 

I love this drawing very much and if you ask me 'why?', I really don't have an explanation for it. Maybe its her eyes, or maybe it's that depressing sense of loneliness that she is experiencing that attracts my attention. 

Alas! If only she could hear me. 

"I would love to see you smile. Someday."


Nishanlang Khonglah said...

You're 100% artist!!

Benjamin said...

Thank you Iceman. Stay frosty! ;)

Alexandra said...

I love your sketches, you should upload some more.

Benjamin said...

Ah! such enthusiasm!
I'll try to upload more.

Alexandra said...

"try" isn't good enough, benzy!

Benjamin said...

OK. I 'WILL' upload my sketches more often. )

But I really do have to find a balance because my photographs are piling up and I have to get rid of the silly poems in my head from time to time. :D

But trust me on the sketches.

Alexandra said...

Now that's what I'm talking 'bout. :D
I love silly little poems.

Benjamin said...