Need For Change

We wake up, fall out of bed, stand up, walk, slip, fall down again, we breathe, suck in the pain, walk again. If you ask me, this is the definition of 'living'(mind you I didn't say 'Life' because it's a whole different story).

How many times have we been in this situation? How many times have we fallen? And how many more times have we stood up? If we actually count, the numbers might be shocking to all of us, so I'm not even going to try. Gravity seems to be working on us a lot stronger these days but  we still work against it. Its a really sad thing if we think about it; working, dragging ourselves against nature all life long. And for what?

I'm still searching for the answers. I believe I've asked the right question.


Nishan_takinshots said...

Brother! Without the hauls of gravity 'living' would be too easy and too boring. It's the falling and then the soar that brings more satisfaction. So don't think it's sad maite! Cheers to gravity!

Benjamin Karam said...

@Nishan True but at times it becomes really frustrating too. Anyway what do you think of the new layout?