Caught the moon flirting with the clouds last night -
'Ah Cynthia, you look beautiful' was all I ever said.


Anna said...

Stunning. I know how hard it is to get the moon to look big and bright on photos. The clouds really magnified it here in this photo.

Benjamin Karam said...

I know. It's really hard to get a clear picture of the moon at night. It always comes out blurry.

I'll give you a tip though, I just picked it up yesterday -
I took this picture at sundown, the moon was out and there was still some light left from the sun. The presence of these clouds make the whole scene dramatic. I was there at the right moment I guess.

sweetthesound said...

Coming from 20sb - I love this photograph, and the capion that goes with it! I would like to link to it from mine, hope that's okay. :)

Benjamin Karam said...

Sure. Thanks for asking.


The Capricorn Voyager said...

I got a picture of the moon at sunset in some of my shots, it was really difficult , i just got lucky. This is an outstanding photo man!

Benjamin Karam said...

thanks dude.