Kamasutra And A Little Horror

I started out early; took the morning train, which to my surprise was filled with Sunday church goers, and arrived at Old Delhi station some fifteen minutes later. Train rides are interesting : it's all uncomfortable silence and cold stares. After four flights of escalators and a quick stop at the help desk I stepped outside, waited for a ride. As usual the taxi driver tried to pull a fast one on me in vain. They still think I'm a foreigner. When will they learn? Ten minutes later I was maneuvering myself through the byzantine alleys of Old Delhi following the scent of old books and forgotten dreams. 

I finally picked up a copy of Kamasutra. And just to kill the time, two Stephen King novels. A very good friend of mine has been urging me to read Stephen King, and I guess luck was on my side because I found these two orphans at a secondhand book stall at Daryaganj and decided to adopt them as well.