A Cancer Called Civilization

I was  reading 'Eleven Minutes' by Paulo Coelho last week and this particular passage caught my deep undivided attention.

"...passed a group of students coming out of  a bar; they were all happy and slightly tipsy, they were all good-looking and bursting with health; soon they would finish university and start what people call 'real life'. Work, marriage, children, television, bitterness, illness, disability, dependence on others, loneliness, death." 

The theme of civilization is vividly portrayed in these lines. It's the same old story, following the same old road; education, job and death; a family maybe; and those who try to move out of this system and do something different are considered outcast. I call them true 'Artist'.

Civilization is a parasite; a cancer, malignant and ugly. We party hard almost everyday, abuse nature (trust me, we're seriously very good in this) and we always think there are more trees to cut to satisfy our gluttony. I don't mean to preach here, I understand there are certain unavoidable circumstances, certain basic needs to be satisfied. However the overture is over and we are arriving at this crescendo, a point of no return. We should definitely start thinking  twice at this point. But if you have a really good contribution in mind to make this place a little happier and easier go ahead and do it. Don't think twice, it's alright!


Nishan_takinshots said...

I've said this before;
People living by the system seem to be better off, but they don't know that they're living by a system that's broken.

Benjamin Karam said...

I agree. but change is inevitable. it will come.