The Long Way Back

It was late, and we got ourselves a flat tyre in some lonesome town on our way back from Andro. It took me forever to unscrew them nuts! A series of unplanned incidents unfolded as we made up destinations en route to nowhere. Life cannot be scripted. We lunched in the woods, drove a little more, got lost, drove again, parked our cars and climbed a mountain. Drove more. Made a stop at the local market in Kakching; bought some plants, and clay pots too. Drove more. Bought pineapples from road side fruit sellers on the highway. Tried bargaining, tipped them instead. It was a good day. 


Andreas said...

Road trips with unexpected and unforeseen stops are the best. I just took a 14 hour drive from New York to Tennessee with my wife and her parents. It was all well-planned and executed accordingly. Consequently there's not that much more to say about it. I saw three crosses raised on a hill in a field in Virginia. Three empty crosses against a field of green. It struck me as odd, and a little eerie. That's about it really. I'm glad for you that you had an adventure.

Benjamin said...

Three empty crosses? (shudders) Must have been quite an unusual sight!