The Willow Trees

      I just watched a movie today, 'The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas' and it reminded me again of the Holocaust and with that brought back memories of Anne Frank. A sad movie, a sad history of the human race. I still find it hard to believe how people can be so cruel to another fellow being. The truth, and what I believe is true too; Humans, Animals and Plants depend on one another, that's how we survive. We just need to find the missing connection.

      I was driving down B.T. Road, back home, with my dad and a friend in our car, my hands were on the steering, dad's eyes were outside, watching  the willow trees, ages old, on the other side of the road. He said,"You know looking at those trees makes me so humble, they are so majestic and we are just puny little humans around them."

      I said nothing because I was lost in thoughts. But the two minutes of silence that followed was golden.