A Thing We Just Gotta Do

I know its a trending topic nowadays: all this environmental crisis issues going on right now. Probably people are even tired of hearing it. But, but!!! it's a major problem, and everyone has  got to face it sooner or later. So like it or not I'm gonna talk a bit about The Crisis.

It's all about being sensible. Only our senses can help us fight this 21st century global crisis. I know solving a problem like this, which is of a mammoth proportion is beyond the help of a single individual but each of us can contribute our little best to save this place we call HOME. Solving this can only be achieved by a global connected effort, involving the Governments of all nations. But that being said, the individual actions of everyday people are still very crucial, probably the most important. The only way I believe to tackle this problem is to break down the problem into manageable bits.

People can start by reducing their carbon footprints as much as possible. Park your cars and dust off those old bicycles, take walks and enjoy what nature has to offer to the best. After all this is our home, our only HOME.