Where's Humanity Leading To?

The clock just struck midnight, one more minute and it's a Sunday morning. I couldn't sleep so I opened my Dad's Anthology and read some of his old poems and they actually made me happy, on the inside. They are so eloquently written and beautiful too. If I could be half the writer he is I would be more than satisfied. That would remind me that my life is after all not a total waste.

In one his poems entitled, 'The Saviour and The Saved'  he ended with a doubt: 'Where's humanity leading to?' That's what I want to discuss in this post.

Now, I don't mean to say that everything I say is the truth. Some may agree and some may not, but I'm just relating to reality and where it is taking us. Humanity, the people inhabiting earth, so to speak, first of all has no humanity at all. Secondly,...they still have no humanity. It's pains me to see how the world is so driven by media these days. The love is gone. Everyone has a middle class materialistic view. Take the example of the ipod for instance. No doubt it's one of the greatest inventions, but people are starting to care more for  the ipod and less for the music. It's more of a status symbol. What I mean to convey here is that people are focusing on the wrong matter all of the time, myself included, and it is sad that we can't do anything about it. Now, coming back to the question of 'Where's humanity leading to?' I say that it's leading us to nowhere. That is where we are heading.


Vivi said...

Beautiful post, I totally agree! People are so desperate for material things and money, it is indeed really sad!

Benjamin said...

Gone Going Gone Everything. Thanks Vivs