Nothing Has Changed In This World

This morning I was basking in the sun reading Dickens, and I felt relaxed and sleepy so I placed the book on my face between page 46 and 47. It was a paperback edition and I saw a thin line glowing between the two pages where the spine was. The sun had fallen on my face and that very moment I realized, thirty days into the New Year and nothing has changed. I'm still lost and it seems to me that wherever I go I don't seem to fit. So I’m still here, waiting, wishing, ‘What could be there in store for me?’ My mind tells me something and my heart wants something else. But I plan on staying focused with whatever I do from now on because I’ve realized one thing, this world doesn’t look for creativity or talent; they ask for degrees and diplomas. Without those they don’t care how brilliant you are, and frankly I don’t care what they think.