Looking The World Through An Empty Green Bottle

        It first happened when I was 11 years old, we were moving into our new house and inside the bedroom I found this half empty 7Up bottle. I took it up and placed it horizontally across my eyes and watched the world through it. I was amazed to see how cool and beautiful everything looked and thought to myself, 'If only I could see things like this everyday.' 

       Now, it's been nine years and I tried it again yesterday afternoon. I was lying flat with my back against the bed and my eyes fixed on the ceiling. I took a 7Up bottle and placed it across my eyes just like before and watched the fan, hanging from the ceiling, spinning slowly. This lasted for seven to ten minutes, and I suddenly realized I wasn't feeling the same old feelings, of wanting the world to be seen as green everyday. I realized that it was just a momentary escape from the same old mundane sights of life. I said to myself that I was really stupid back in the days, but then again, those unexplained things were exciting. Now it seems that  there is an explanation for/to everything, thus getting rid of the mystery and excitement that can be created by simple everyday things. If I were even given an option 'to be the kid back then' all over again, I would accept the offer in a heartbeat, anytime, anywhere. I don’t mind growing up, of course problems increase in magnitude but we become more equipped to handle them ourselves at the same time. We learn to think things more thoroughly and logically before making decision, but I'll tell you this, childhood was no crack either.


fatally born said...

i hope
never get


Benjamin Karam said...

And why's that? Believe me I tried not to get older but it just doesn't work. Years catches up on you.