Lean On Me (A Mother's Love)

     This morning I was listening to ‘Lean On Me’ by Bill Withers while walking around the city discovering new places, and I got lost. I was so absorbed in the song that when I came to my senses I was standing in a street that I have never been before, somewhere away from the main street. Just in front of me was a local park with some benches here and there. There was nothing extraordinary with that park except that in the morning sunlight it looked really beautiful. So, I decided to go there and sit for sometime. I saw a few kids playing cricket with no shoes, everything else was silent.
     Ten minutes later one of the kid tripped and broke his nose, I was about to go and help him out when all out of a sudden this woman (I believe it was his mother) came rushing to the scene with an expression of such rage and worry  in the same face. Moments later she was hugging her child as if she had lost and found him again.
     This incident opened new doors for me. To see first hand an incident like that made me think of the love a mother has for her children from a whole new perspective. Everyone knows that a mother loves her child but how many children love their mothers back?
     On my way back I took out my phone and called my mother…..