Natural High

The year started off with a cold melancholic post. It is silently slipping away at last and I thought it would be inappropriate to end the year without one. Besides, I'm insomniac again so I've got all the time in the world. So here it is...

2011 has been bittersweet for me. I don’t know what the remaining few days have in store for me. I don’t like surprises whatsoever. I usually spend Christmas Day listening to Jim Reeves’ ‘Twelve Songs Of Christmas’, I might do the same this year too.

I bade farewell to a handful of very good friends this April when I came to live in this city. I had been practically living with them for the past two years and it wasn’t easy parting ways. Almost broke my ‘little black heart’. But old must give way to the new, right? And so I left, and so I came. A new city, a new life.

The first few weeks were unkind yet I experienced something very strange. I didn't know the language well and all I did was walk around the city looking at life. I hardly talked to anyone and for the first time in my life my mind was at rest, all I did was think and write in my journal. It was like a natural high, like those two minutes of sweet surrender before waking up in the morning. My mind was pregnant with ideas, always. And I'm very glad how everything turned out the way it is now. The trick, as it turns out, is to project all self-loathing and personal frustration into a creative canvas.

I’m settled now, and college too is going smoothly. I've made friends with a host of interesting people which I really enjoy talking to.  So, I guess that's the upside of 2011.

‘life is short
when it’s done, it’s done.
so while on the run,
why not have some fun?’

Here are a few more pictures to wrap up the year.

Happy Holidays,



Nishanlang Khonglah said...

Finally!! something to read after so long...

Benjamin Karam said...

@Nishan Yup. I'm back in the game. Thanks for dropping by. )