Raspberry Night

Taken in Paris by a friend. A girl on a date in a deserted Monday night restaurant.
I can't help but wonder, 'What's on her mind?'

Photo © 2010 Yanidel
All Rights Reserved


Hanna said...

Nice to meet you (via 20sb)...your photos are absolutely beautiful!


Kimmy said...

I know nothing about photography. But this picture is fascinating.

Benjamin Karam said...

Thank You Hanna. I have great stuffs coming up this February, see you soon.

~ Benzy

Benjamin Karam said...

@Kimmy Thank you. If anyone deserves a congratulation it's my friend Yanidel. He took this picture in Paris and I fell in love with it.

~ Benzy

fatally born said...

oh shit, tell your friend i say hello, this is amazing.

Benjamin Karam said...

I certainly will. You take care )