Upclose With Marilyn

Fictions and non-fictions laid out for book lovers to choose. This market is open only on Sundays; it is one of my many favorite spots here in this city. I picked up a few books myself some weeks back and among them is Norman Mailer's 'Marilyn'. Someone must have used it and sold it back, it's pretty old but well preserved.

These lines that I found written inside the cover page is indeed really moving. 

A note to the original owner: Wherever you are now friend, I assure you that your book is in good hands.


Anna said...

Thank you for that kind comment you just left over at my space :) Have you started reading this book yet? I am very puzzled by this Marilyn. I think I'll have to see "My Week with Myrilyn" soon.

Benjamin Karam said...

Yes I've started reading this book and I suggest you read it too if you have time to spare. Marilyn is my favorite actor form the golden cinema era, next to Marlene Dietrich and Edna Purviance.