Little Sara

I drew this one last year, somewhere between March and April. I just wanted to capture her eyes faithfully as possible, took me some time to do it, but everything else was completed in under ten minutes. I'd like to call this an 'unfinished-finished' sketch. 

"Between thought and expression lies a lifetime"

The Velvet Underground, Some Kinda Love


Andreas said...

This sad-eyed girl has a hidden fierceness and determination about her. She seems to me the heroine of some adventure story. Her parents dead she meets an old librarian who tells her she's not who she thinks she is and gives her a map to the faraway place where she was born. She sets out on a long journey together with the librarians son. On the way they face many perils, find out who they truly are, and save the world. That sort of thing. I get carried away. Which tells you that your drawing is very much alive to me. :)

Benjamin said...

I've always sensed something missing from this drawing (a shortcoming on my part), and now I've realized it; it's the story, your story that has been missing all these months. The void is filled now. The picture is complete.

Thank you.

Alexandra said...

I love the sadness.

Benjamin said...

Yeah she looks sad, no doubt.
I think her eyes convey a mixture of feelings.
It seems like she is stranded somewhere between 'fear' and 'sadness'. And when I look closely enough I can also see a cocoon of hope behind those eyes. A brave spirit refusing to submit.

Andreas said...

Why, good sir, that is decidedly sweet of you.