The Promises Of A Face

"Let old Plato look on you with an austere eye; 
You earn pardon by the excess of your kisses
And the inexhaustible refinements of your love,
Queen of the sweet empire, pleasant and noble land.
Let old Plato look on you with an austere eye."
—  Charles Baudelaire, Fleurs du mal


Alexandra said...

Thank you!
I am greedy, though.
I want more, more, more.

Benjamin said...

Wow, you are really enthusiastic about all this. Thank you.

FYI Your comment would have been more complete if you had ended it with
"I want more, more, more [evil laugh]" :D

Kidding. I'll see what I can upload next. I have to dig through a pile.

Alexandra said...

It is mathematically calculated: I think your drawings are excellent, and I love art. Haha, I'll throw in the evil laughter next time! Yes, good, good. Feed me with art!

Benjamin said...

Your wish is my command. )