Vistas (vol. 2)

So, this is the second volume of sketches that I did during the last couple of days. This time, I decided to pay tribute to some of the old masters, my favorite painters instead. The following are my representation of some of my favorite works by them. I enjoyed a lot working on these sketches. I hope you enjoy them as well. 

The sketches are in the following order:

1. 'Wild Poppies'    - 1873 -  by Claude Monet
2. 'The Skiff'          - 1879 -  by Pierre - Aguste Renoir
3. 'Stonehenge'     - 1836 -  by John Constable
4. 'Starry Night'     - 1889 -  by Vincent van Gogh

P.S. - Once again, please click on picture and maximize for a better viewing experience. Cheers. 


Andreas said...

You're very talented, Benjamin! And maybe you know how fond I am of "Starry Night". When I was a kid I thought that was fire, flames dancing, in the foreground, and the notion of black fire really fascinated me. When I figured out that it was a cypress, I have to admit that, at first, I was very disappointed.

Benjamin said...

You are right indeed. The cypress looks like a black flame!
Now, I'm beginning to wonder if black fire really exists in nature?

Alexandra said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Pray tell, why not illustrate one of your favorite poems/quotes? That'd be interesting.

Benjamin said...

That is a really interesting idea. You know, Jack Kerouac, in an interview for the Paris Review, said that 'Haiku's are little pictures'. Now, all I have to do is reverse the process - take a haiku/poem and convert it into a picture!

I've always loved the poetries of Robert Browning and Robert Frost or Lord Tennyson for that matter. It would be interesting to illustrate 'Porphyria's lover' or 'Fra Lippo Lippi' or Wordsworth's 'Lucy' poems.

Ah, this is exciting!

Alexandra said...

Yes! Haikus, especially, are excellent for this task.
A friend and I were planning on doing the same with some of my poems, but we never finished it. I think longer works are like stories, too, and that might be interesting to illustrate, as well. However, for practice, it is reasonable to start with a haiku. You have the tools to do both. I haven't painted in years (well, not true, I painted some abstract art last year). You know, I was into art before I even started to write. My grandmother was an excellent painter/sculptress. I was very good at drawing when I was younger. I wish I had kept the fire burning.
In any case, this is a must-do! I shall see your progress; upload your material here.

Benjamin said...

Yes, I will do that. And I'd love to see some of your paintings (new/old) too. Please upload, else you can email it to me. Cheers.

Alexandra said...

I will endeavor to send some over the Christmas break.

Benjamin said...

Thank you, very much! I'm looking forward to it.