To Be Free

February 28, 2013. I ventured out into the wilderness to soak up the warmth of the new season; to experience absolute freedom for a moment or two. It was an exhilarating feeling ‒ getting lost. No maps, no roads, no direction; just me and my soul in a holy communion with the savage beauty of the wild, the delicate shades of green.

I walked around for some time, and deep within the heart of this fantastic craziness, discovered some old 19th Century ruins made out of sandstone. I picked out a nice spot to sit on, and wrote in my journal for almost two hours. I embraced it all. I was me, my life was mine, and for that sweet moment I was free. 

“We all seek for lost things within us.” 
― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity


Alexandra said...

I love this post; it reminds me of the things I long for now that I live in the volcanic pulse of a city.

Benjamin said...

I don't dig city life either. I hate the noise, the sight, the heat. I just stay inside and get high on tea most of the time.