While In Jaipur : The Pink City (Part VI - Jaigarh Fort)

The Pink Plaza.

Back view of the tower.

In full bloom. 

The nine wives of the Raj. 

Door leading to the pink balcony - the biggest I've ever seen, floating 400 ft up on the hills.

The pink balcony. 

View from the pink balcony (mid-left)

View from the pink balcony (mid).

Telescopic view of the lake between the mountains. 

The hanging garden, built for the wives and princesses. 

Archways leading to the sky. 

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The artillery section.

Crematorium (side view).

Crematorium (front view).

The Jaivana cannon - manufactured in 1720 and the biggest during its time stands as an exhibit today in one of the desolate towers of the gigantic fort. It has a firing range of 35 km (22 miles).

Rajasthan. Sand. Camel. 


Alexandra said...

There is such a softness in your photos.
What camera do you use, by the way?

Benjamin said...

Thank you!

These were taken with my small portable canon powershot. Blogger has messed up the color contrast and saturation a little bit, though. The blue of the sky is supposed to be very subtle; not hot and saturated.