While In Jaipur : The Pink City (Part I - The Road Trip)

The last time I took a real trip was two year ago, back in 2012. I took a bus one Saturday afternoon and went to Chandigarh and enjoyed the best I could with the little money I had. It was mid September and I had no extra clothes with me - just a book and my camera. I survived. 

Not two weeks ago I was in Jaipur, Rajasthan with a couple of friends; and even though the trip had hiccups along the way, I had a pretty good time out there. And of course, somewhere during the night we had three cheers (the Jaipur Extreme) - one for friendship, one for the JLF and the last  for Glen & Marketa (may they get back together). 

I have uploaded some pictures here, and I will be uploading more sooner than you can imagine.
Follow me in my journey through Jaipur: The Pink City.


8 am. View from my apartment balcony. Misty.

10 am. Bus ride. Royal Rajasthani Travels terminal, South Delhi.

Outside the Foreign Embass. Delhi. 

On the road. National Highway 8. Mid day.

Entering Haryana. Everyone drives white cars.

At Shiva Oasis Resort. 1 pm. Lunch. Outskirts of Rajasthan.

Jaipur Sunset.

In search of moonshine.