The Pencil

It's a deja vu feeling, really. I was in class yesterday and the picture of my friend loading graphite lead into his mechanical pencil reminded me of the day my dad bought me my first mechanical pencil.

It was way back in 1999, a dark winter evening, I was in 3rd grade then. My parents came back home with a bunch of groceries and stuffs, kept them aside and my dad turned towards at me and said,"son, look what I got", he took out a small packet and showed it to me. "This is the new engineers' pencil, made in Germany."  The excited smile on my face was priceless. 

It had a red body with 3 black stripes which were carved out near the griping area and a black butt. It was new in those days and I was just a kid. My sister and I might have got into a little argument over who gets to keep it. We took turns using it before we got a second one. I think we were possessed by it, at least I was, and I used to use it as often as possible, took it to school and showed it to my friends and they all stared at it  with amazement.

I miss those days. They were good.