Chandigarh: The City of Peace

I took a little trip to Chandigarh a few weeks back. It was an exciting weekend for me, I dropped everything, grabbed my camera and a novel and headed for the nearest bus station and the rest is history.

The month is almost coming to and end and I just wanted to share some pictures with you all. I hope you enjoy them.

It was refreshing to see these ducks come out of the water and mingle with the tourists. 
(That's me, smiling like a mad curious child.)

The following pictures were taken at Rock Garden, Chandigarh.

This was my favorite part of the whole maze of stone. For a moment I felt like I was in Cambodia.

One thing I noticed about this little miniature figures is that all of them have sad, melancholic faces. It's as if they are mourning for all the turmoils in this wretched world. To be honest I felt a little uncomfortable standing alone in the middle with hundreds of them watching me silently.

Figure (male)

Another figure (female)

These last few pictures were taken at a lake (I forgot the name, It stars with 'S'), a few miles away from Rock Garden. It started raining the moment I reached there and I was surprised to find out that the lake had almost dried up! Anyways the weather was nice and breezy and I sat there for a good hour or so just watching the people go by.


Nishanlang Khonglah said...

Benji! I Love the pictures man!! Very beautiful!! I feel that Chandigarh has to be on one of my destinations to visit.
And by the way, I see you've mastered photoshop, I'll give you a call soon...need to learn from you.

Benjamin said...

It's about 6 hours from here. Call me up anytime. I feel like going back again.

Thirsty World Designs said...

This place is so amazing, I really like the rock garden!

I just discovered your blog and I love it! Looking forward to reading more!

Your Newest Follower!


Benjamin said...

Hello Hannah, welcome and thank you.


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