Film, Literature and Tenessee Williams

I'm gonna drown myself in Tenessee Williams these coming weeks. I have been looking for a chance to actually sit down and read Tenessee Williams way back since 2009, but between college and chores I never had the time to do so, so far. I finally got hold of his books last week, the whole collection, plus a few criticisms.

I have also been doing some selective readings of the above few books on film and literature these past few weeks, picking out essays of my interest and analyzing them. I actually got some kinda kick just reading them. I was quite surprised and happy to find François Truffaut's character 'Antoine Doinel' (Jean-Pierre Léaud) being discussed in Timothy Corrigan's essay, 'Pens, Pulp and the Crisis of the Word, 1940-1960'. Truffaut's set of five films titled, 'The Adventures of Antoine Doinel' consists some of the finest films, not only in French cinema but in the whole history of cinema. The closing film in the series, 1979's L'amour en fuite (Love on the Run) is a personal  favorite of mine; Jean-Pierre Léaud delivers an unforgettable performance and I can never forget Dorothée's smile either.


Jordan Sky said...

I need to take some time out to read too, he's also on my list of authors to read.

Benjamin said...

Maybe we can discuss his plays too, sometime soon.