While In Jaipur : The Pink City (Part V - Inside Nahargarh Fort)

Some twenty feet inside the ancient Nahargarh Fort.

A hundred feet inside the fort. This tree probably has a rich folklore surrounding it.

Derelict pool - Where the Queens & Princesses used to bathe once. It is made out of a single stone.

You can see the final mountains of the Aravalli Range on top of this picture.

Madhavendra Palace (A section  of the front)

Old lovers strolling in front of the  Madhavendra Palace

This is an interesting entrance located in the south side of the palace.

Paint job and minor repairing in progress.

Cannon in front of the main door.

Madhavendra Palace - Verandah facing the entrance.

Madhavendra Palace - West Section of the Palace.

The details on the walls and doors are brilliant. 

Close up of the teak door with brass studs.

Madhavendra Palace - East Section of the Palace.

Inside one of the rooms (West Section of the Palace).

Tower looking out to the city of Jaipur.

A section of the never ending expanse of connecting terraces.

Comfort zone - I sat here and played with stray dogs  for nearly half an hour. It was nice.

Pathway leading to the northern side of the fort. 


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